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….whether you are looking for a monthly ‘lunch and learn’ motivational presentation as part of your team’s personal development, or anything ranging from keynote speaker at an annual meeting of a professional organization to guest lecturer in your academic faculty.

Every speaking opportunity she has provides Darlene with a platform to engage and inspire her audience to see the wisdom and magic of taking on personal responsibility and unleashing their inner potential. She brings energy, passion and above all true CARING for everyone in the audience to come away from the experience with a renewed sense of purpose, direction and a vision of possibilities before them.

Darlene will cover a variety of topics from which you can choose, however she prefers to discuss each request individually to get a good sense of the audience, the setting and the expectation for the engagement. The most successful talks are those that meet the audience’s needs and help them address a problem or area of concern.

“Just as in my coaching practice, speaking provides the opportunity to connect with groups of 3 to groups of 300 or more, and take them from where they are to seeing where they could possibly be. Inspiring people and supporting them on their journey to be their best is my mission.”

Additional Speaking Topics

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