Why is coaching for nurses the key to transforming healthcare delivery today?

There is no shortage of critique, criticism and comments these days about the state of healthcare delivery everywhere we turn. Having good health is fundamentally important for our happiness in life. So it is easy to see how when one is not healthy, everything about life is affected.

For healthcare providers, the demands on their skills and abilities are being tested every day in a system that is under considerable strain and constant change. Workloads are heavy, and as jobs are realigned or eliminated, a ‘do more with less’ perspective is burdening more and more workers at all levels.

The result is workers move into survival mode, just trying to get through the basics and bare necessities in delivering care. There is lack of mentorship and collective problem solving. Creative thinking is completely lost under all the stress and strain. Leadership? Where and what is it in health care today?

This is just a glimpse of the concerns and experiences being reported from healthcare professionals. It is not only coming from nurses, but also from physicians, physiotherapists, occupational therapists, pharmacists, technologists, administrators and executives. It seems everyone is feeling the squeeze and the crunch in their own domain of care.


Coaching is a powerful tool to support individuals and organizations to move from where they are to where they want to be.

How does this happen?

Coaching opens up a new conversation and dialogue in a one-on-one setting or group session that allows healthcare workers to really look at who they are and what they do and acknowledge if this is where their passion and purpose lays. So often in life we spend a lot of time figuring out what we DON’T want, but we never really get to the heart of what we DO want in life.

Ultimately, engaging in the coaching process can help individuals figure out if their passion really is in the care and service they bring to their practice every day or if it lies somewhere else. Discovering that perhaps where you are is not really where you want to be can be liberating. Not only does it release the individual to discover and look to doing what they truly are passionate about, but it releases organizations of individuals who may be keeping them stuck and unable to move forward.

Why should you work with a coach?

Very simply, because YOU matter, your happiness matters and your contribution in the world matters. When you are working at your life’s craft, you feel good about yourself; you are energized, happy and engaged in the world. Your health is significantly better. Your thinking shifts to a place of possibilities.

How will this affect the healthcare system? The key is in all of us taking absolute responsibility for creating the result that we want. RESPONSE – ABLE. Every one of us makes choices every day. Just imagine what our organizations would look like if every single one of us not only accepted the opportunity but the responsibility to lead, regardless of our title or status or role? What if we could lead right where we work in our jobs every day and play at being and bringing our absolute best to our job every single day?

Healthcare can be transformed with this new way of thinking and being. I have committed my life’s work to supporting and leading the change. As a transformational leadership coach I am passionate about supporting new vision and leadership, personal responsibility and fulfillment for all those who want to move from where they are to where they want to be.

Let’s be clear about the difference between TRANSFORMATION and CHANGE. Transformation involves a heightened energy; a different level of consciousness which often accompanies a newly discovered sense of purpose that has inspired people. Change involves doing things differently, not necessarily for a different purpose. Often people commit to change and them momentum drops off because the purpose hasn’t changed or perhaps isn’t clear.

If any of this conversation is resonating with you at a personal level, your role as a healthcare leader or both, the next step is for us to have a conversation about what spoke to you in this message, what your current situation and experience is and how we could work together. Remember, coaching is about YOU discovering the answers that are there already inside of you. Coaching simply helps to unlock and uncover your true greatness.


Coaching is a powerful tool to support individuals and organizations to move from where they are to where they want to be.


Whether you are looking for a monthly ‘lunch and learn’ motivational presentation as part of your team’s personal development, or anything ranging from keynote speaker at an annual meeting of a professional organization to guest lecturer in your academic faculty.

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