Getting to the Heart of Nursing

Getting to the Heart of Nursing

Welcome! I am Darlene Schindel, and I am so glad you're here.

Are you a nurse… who is feeling like the system you are working in is keeping you from practicing in your field with the care, attention and passion that you want to give to those you serve?

Are you feeling overwhelmed and exhausted in your day to day job?

Do you feel like there is nowhere to turn, that no one listens to your concerns or ideas or even cares about them?

This is an all too frequent experience of nurses and healthcare workers today.

Nurses are concerned about the security of their jobs amidst all the turmoil and changes in healthcare delivery.

I have been there. Its tough when you are good at your job, have a great team that provides excellent care and suddenly, there are financial restraints and reorganizations and changes in governing bodies, systems and regulations and YOUR job is eliminated. It is devastating.  It happened to me.

This is when you have a choice:  get stuck and blame the world for your situation OR figure out what you want to do next and get help getting there.

I support and work with nurses just like you how to get clarity on your values and believes, in all four parts of your nature, BODY, MIND, HEART & SPIRIT, so you can know who you are, what you want, how to use our voice, all with great joy.

We will take your work AND your life to a whole new level of caring, to job and life transformation.


Coaching is a powerful tool to support individuals and organizations to move from where they are to where they want to be.


Whether you are looking for a monthly ‘lunch and learn’ motivational presentation as part of your team’s personal development, or anything ranging from keynote speaker at an annual meeting of a professional organization to guest lecturer in your academic faculty.

Ask Darlene

Ask me your question, unload what is bothering you or holding you back from making progress in your day to day work. Your question will be kept anonymous, and my response to you will be personal. 

After working with Darlene,
everything shifted – and my new journey began.

Please Note

In the nursing field, confidentiality and privacy are paramount. We respect the privacy of our clients who are often navigating sensitive career challenges. Therefore, to maintain their confidentiality and uphold professional standards, all testimonials shared on our site are anonymized. This ensures that our clients can provide honest feedback while feeling secure that their personal and professional identities are protected.

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