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Awarded the 2013 Medal of Honour by the Alberta Medical Association for contributions to healthcare in Alberta by a non-physician

Darlene Schindel is a passionate advocate for the health and wellbeing of Albertans. During a career that has spanned over 30 years; she has taken on many different roles and tackled various issues and challenges, all with astounding success.

Her outstanding personal contributions span medical research, medical education and the betterment of health care throughout Alberta. There is no question she has over the years raised the standard of health care in Alberta.

A natural teacher, Ms Schindel is currently working with educators to develop a nursing leadership course. She is now a Certified Professional Coach. Ms Schindel is health champion and Edmonton coordinator for ‘NSTEP (Nutrition, Students, Teachers, Exercising with Parents) Eat Walk Live program, which looks for opportunities to embed nutrition and exercise into the school curriculum and fight childhood obesity. Her work with ‘NSTEP is focused on preventing and improving the increasing health issues in children and youth.

“Just as in my coaching practice, speaking provides the opportunity to connect with groups of 3 to groups of 300 or more, and take them from where they are to seeing where they could possibly be. Inspiring people and supporting them on their journey to be their best is my mission.”

An capable leader and facilitator; thrives on engaging various stakeholders including physician leaders, senior management, and clinical staff to develop efficient and effective comprehensive health service projects or initiatives. 

Has the ability to investigate, scope, progressively design and administer these in alignment with the intended results, organizational frameworks, business plans, policies, and standards that enable operational areas to deliver high quality, patient centered care within any organization. 

Actively and successfully provides support and leadership to advance strategic objectives and provincial/regional priorities in the areas of process improvement, health services, planning, implementation initiation and evaluation for the organization.  

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Coaching is a powerful tool to support individuals and organizations to move from where they are to where they want to be.


Whether you are looking for a monthly ‘lunch and learn’ motivational presentation as part of your team’s personal development, or anything ranging from keynote speaker at an annual meeting of a professional organization to guest lecturer in your academic faculty.

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