About Darlene Schindel

Darlene Schindel is passionate about helping every healthcare professional put the ‘care’ back into their practice.  As a Transformational Leadership Coach and speaker she is committed to being part of transforming healthcare.  Darlene believes firmly that healthcare professionals of all kinds truly and deeply want to be part of the SOLUTION to building a caring healthcare system, rather than being part of the problem, or giving up on what seems to be an insurmountable task.

What’s her story, and why is this her mission?

Darlene is an experienced healthcare professional, RN, BScN, Masters in Health Studies- Leadership and a Certified Coach, with a strong clinical background in Neurosciences and extensive leadership experience both in formal and informal roles.  She has seen the frustration, disempowerment and burnout healthcare providers of all kinds experience in their work, often resulting in frustrated and disappointed patients that they care for.  Coaching uncovers the joy and passion missing in people’s lives and in their work.  Coaching brings back the balance, integrity and self-awareness that may be buried but needs to be uncovered in order to move forward and get to the core of who we are as individuals and what our unique purpose is.

Darlene has found ways to work with individuals, groups, teams and organizations in workshops, seminars, as a conference leader, personal coach, group coach and speaker to get to the heart and essence of bringing out the best in people so that they bring a whole new way of thinking to their work and their whole life.

If you are not absolutely passionate about the work you are currently doing, or the life that you are leading, consider an initial call to discuss coaching with Darlene.

Perhaps you are not sure what is keeping your team stuck, unable to move forward and be effective.  Perhaps you are looking for a dynamic speaker that will engage the audience and move them to action in ways they have never considered before.  Call Darlene.  780 940-1496.  It may be the conversation you have wanted to have for a long time.