Q&A: Discouraged at Work


I am so discouraged by what I see going on all around me at work.  I have been a nurse for 25 years, and people just don’t seem to care anymore.  I love being a nurse, but I just don’t see the leadership changing in this organization, so I feel the only option I have is to quit.  What else can I do?



Most nurses are in their profession because they do care; about what they do and the people they serve.  Changes to healthcare delivery have affected all healthcare professionals not only in what they do but how they do.  You are only accountable for yourself and the choices you make.  This may be the perfect time to focus on YOU.  Get clear on what it is you want; reconnect with why you are a nurse and how important that is to you.  All kinds of challenges and issues that you may be facing in your job and career could be affecting your thinking and lead to frustration and defeat.  Zoom out from your busy life and get some context, and remind yourself that you are a valuable member of the healthcare team.  You can make a difference as a force of one.  You can lead by example and positively influence others around you.  You can lead right where you are planted.  Coaching may help you get clarity on where you are and discover where you want to be.

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