Hello! I’m Darlene Schindel, and I’m glad you’re here.

Are you a healthcare professional who is feeling like the system you are working in is keeping you from practicing in your field with the care, attention and passion that you want to give to those you serve?

Do you feel like there is nowhere to turn, no one listening  and no option for you to get  back to caring?  This is an all too frequent experience of healthcare workers today.

I am an experienced healthcare professional, Registered Nurse and Certified coach that has seen the frustration, exhaustion, and defeat experienced by all kinds of healthcare workers and professionals, as they try to do their job.

It seems that in redesigning healthcare systems, the very people that work and provide care in those systems have been neglected, disregarded and even ignored.  Furthermore,  they aren’t sure how they even begin to take responsibility for being the change they see is needed.

When you work with me, together we will uncover all the possibilities you can imagine, that will transform you from the current experience you are having to getting to who you truly are, why you want what you want, and then get on to how to do that.  We will take your work AND your life to a whole new level of caring; to job and life transformation.

In my blogs you will learn about leadership, the kind that doesn’t need a title, connecting to your ‘why’, and what transformation is truly all about.

You will find stories – some funny, some poignant, but all important.   It is in our stories that we find lessons that help us go forward, see opportunities for change.  Whether you are hearing someone else’s story or recounting your own, stories inspire, entertain and engage us.

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I am looking forward to connecting with you, to uncover the real you, get your mojo back and start caring and loving your work AND your life!